Tamara Lilien

Meet Tamara Lilien. Her decade of experience in the healthcare sector revealed significant gaps, particularly in the dissemination of accurate information about cannabis. Fueled by a desire to combat cannabis-related misinformation and promote informed decision-making, Tamara transitioned into a career in Cannabis Education and Consulting, founding CannaLily Consulting. With a strong belief in the need for trustworthy information, she pursued a Cannabis Educator certification from the Michener Institute and two Cannabis Sommelier Certifications. In 2018, she was selected from 25,000 applicants to join the world’s only Cannabis Curation Committee, evaluating the quality of cannabis for AHLOT’s variety packs and contributing to their social media and educational campaigns. Tamara is a guest lecturer at the University of Toronto, frequently speaks at cannabis events, and engages with the larger cannabis community using an education-focused approach. In her spare time, Tamara is a member of the Canadian Cannabis Tourism Alliance and volunteers for the Canadian Cancer Society, aligning her passion for cannabis education with advocacy and community involvement.

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