Highway of Heroes Cleanup

7821 kilometers, the longest Highway in the world.

It connects the Pacific to the Atlantic as it winds its way over the Rockies, through the Prairies, surges through the Canadian Shield and meanders into the Maritimes to its final destination. This amazing highway highlights some of the most rugged and beautiful parts of a rugged and beautiful nation.

Not lost in all its splendor is a simple stretch of 172km’s, certainly not as picturesque as other parts but historically now and forever the most sacred.

Beginning in Dec 2001 through to March 2014 some 40,000 members of the Canadian Armed Forces deployed to Afghanistan, Op Apollo. 158 would pay the ultimate sacrifice, as well as 7 civilians.

In the summer of 2007, this stretch of 172 kms from Trenton to Toronto was officially named the Highway of Heroes.

As of April 2022, we at CannaConnect, became the stewards for the biannual, Spring and Fall clean-up. It was a task we proudly accepted and having just completed the Fall clean-up, we are proud of our accomplishment ending year 1.

A HUGE thanks goes to Klode and Bruce who have led the charge, one step at a time, one km at a time and one bag at a time.

We would also like to thank our partners at the Ministry of Transportation for all their support, the volunteers that have joined us, the well-wishers and those who have randomly and with a kind heart stopped by with hot coffee and doughnuts. Big shout out to the Sigs Regiment, the Patricia’s, Aurora and our Toronto and Trenton office for proving many hands makes for light work during our first year.

For those wondering why? We would suggest that Remembering our Fallen isn’t just a one-day occurrence on Nov 11th.

We look forward to continuing this important and impactful tradition and can’t wait to see more new and familiar faces out there with us in the Spring!

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