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If you haven’t yet received a request for medical cannabis coverage from an employee, you likely will soon. It is estimated that approximately 200,000 Canadians use medical cannabis legally today.

According to Health Canada, the projected number of medical cannabis patients is expected to increase to 450,000 in the next 5 years.

Medical cannabis is safe, legal and fast becoming a treatment option of choice as physicians are prescribing medical cannabis for ailments such as:

Access the CannaConnect Concierge Service
for Medical Cannabis Therapy

Get ahead of the curve & partner with CannaConnect to offer the following
services to improve employee wellness & corporate education:


Consult with a physician experienced in cannabis therapy via tele-medicine to obtain a prescription


Education on strain selection, forms of ingestion and safe cannabis storage, etc.

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On-site Training

On-site training with respect to a Medical Cannabis 101 Module eligible for Continuing Development Credits

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Support with navigating employee benefit plans, notably Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSA’s) to obtain coverage for medical cannabis

How can your Organization
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Book a Medical Cannabis 101
Educational Seminar

Offer the MCIQ Online
Module to your Employees

Recommend to Employees Interested
In Accessing Cannabis Therapy

Did you know that medical cannabis is now
a recognized medical expense under the CRA
and is covered under most HCSA’s?

Addressing Common Concerns
About Cannabis in the Workplace

“I Don’t Want My
Employees Using Cannabis.”

Cannabis is a medically-prescribed treatment option for a variety of conditions. Like any medicine or treatment, employers have the duty to accommodate medical cannabis use to the point of undue hardship. Meaning, employers are required to work with employees who have been prescribed cannabis as a treatment. As noted above, more and more people are using medical cannabis every day.

“I Don’t Want My Employees
To Be High at Work”

Using medical cannabis doesn’t mean employees will be impaired at work. Depending on what is being treated, it isn’t a requirement that cannabis be used during the daytime. There are also multiple strains of cannabis, many of which do not cause impairment at all.

“Employees Who Use Cannabis
are Ineffective in their Jobs”

A well-designed drug and alcohol policy can help mitigate any health and safety risks associated with cannabis in the workplace. However, it should be noted that, although cannabis causes impairment, so do many other prescription drugs and not all strains of cannabis cause impairment. In fact, some cannabis products (like CBD oils) are being prescribed to children.