[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Here in Canada, where traditional Western medical practices are both widely accepted and publicly funded, consuming medicine is a rigid process. Pharmacists or doctors provide their patients with a strict set of instructions, and, ideally, the patients follow those instructions as closely as possible. In the case of an alternative medicine such as cannabis, however, there are many consumption options. While your CannaConnect-approved physician will recommend a daily dosage level, in many cases the actual method of consumption comes down to personal preference. Learn more about consuming medical cannabis by reading on.



Since marijuana entered the public consciousness, smoking has been known to be its primary method of consumption. Though today other methods have gained popularity, smoking remains a very common option. Of smoking methods, use of joints and pipes are the most common (in fact, some licensed cannabis producers will even provide cannabis in pre-rolled joints). Especially if you are new to cannabis consumption, be diligent and careful when smoking: take your time between puffs to gauge the strength of the effects and only proceed if the targeted symptoms of your condition persist.



Similar to smoking, vaporizing is a more recently invented method of using heat to extract the active chemicals in cannabis. The difference is in the application of heat: whereas smoking simply burns the plant material, vaporizers use precisely controlled heat to prevent burning the plant while still vaporizing the active chemicals. Studies show that vaporizing exposes patients to fewer harmful substances than smoking. That being said, vaporizing is also significantly more efficient at extracting active chemicals than smoking, so first time users should proceed slowly and prudently.



Patients with respiratory issues are often concerned about both smoking and vaping. Fortunately, edibles provide an inhalation-free option. Many licensed cannabis providers can supply cannabis as ingestible oil that can be easily combined into virtually any dish, allowing patients to take their dosage orally. Be advised that very few clinical studies of edible cannabis products have been conducted, and absorption rates can be difficult to predict. When cooking edible cannabis products, begin with small doses and increase gradually over time.


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